With the world of e-commerce growing rapidly every single day and with smaller shipments going to more place and via more carriers than ever, the need to work on the shipping aspect of your ecommerce in order to satisfy your customers. Since more and more 3PL businesses are also more likely to be shipping small packages to the furthest places from them possible, the need for good multi-carrier shipping solutions has become bigger than ever as well, and in this article, we are going to give you three reasons of why that is true.


The needs of your customers constantly change

If you are the owner of a 3PL business you have probably noticed that there has been a really significant shift in the way that these businesses ship the products to their customers. This is especially noticeable in the retail portion of the business, however, there has also been a big change in the drop shipping portion of these businesses where they ship items directly from a warehouse or a manufacturer to the customer. Although the way that the items are ships remains quite similar to what it was before, using a multi carrier shipping solution will help the way that the product travels to the customer.

There is a lot more competition on the market

There is definitely no doubt that 3PL companies are facing more and more competition than ever, and it grows each day. A lot of 3PL companies were ones that wanted to grow quickly after the recession and now the owners of those same companies are finding themselves having to adjust to much slower growth and a ton more competition. Multi carrier shipping solutions are one of the best ways for any 3PL business to be able to satisfy the needs of the customers, and with that keep growing by getting shipments to customers on time and at the lowest possible cost.

Demand for product returns are growing

Another thing that people are after is a much more efficient way for them to reverse the shipping. This means that when it comes to them sending the product back to the warehouse of the 3PL company they are looking for a way in which the can do that quickly and easily. A good multi carrier shipping solution will give you the means to manage this process efficiently without any lost items or serious delay times.

When looking at all of the reasons listed above, it can be very easy to see why multi-carrier shipping solutions are the perfect choice for any business, but especially when it comes to 3PL businesses. We hope that you found this article helpful and that you will keep it in mind when choosing the right shipping solution for your own 3PL business.

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